Revelaren Detector - RD

RD has 2 major modules - a vision module and the procesing module.  The vision module uses a HD camera supporting a 120 degree field of view.

The processing module is a custom  designed and engineered board.  The board contains the core AI components which can be updated with the latest AI revisions.  This vertical technology integration ensures the hardware  supports the latest AI innovations coming from Revelaren's laboratories.  

Revelaren Cloud - RC

RD detected obstructions are sent to the Revelaren Cloud (RC).   RC users can view the obstructions on a map based on various customer defined dimensions such as frequency, obstruction attributes, and date and time.  The data is overlayed onto a map projection. 

RC is hosted and maintained within Canada and North America.  Data residency is maintained within Canada or the US (depending on jurisdiction) and provisioned with AWS infrastructure.

Revelaren AI - RAI

The Revelaren AI (RAI) is a proprietary deep learning model based on the tensorflow framework.  The  model is continuously being upgraded and improved using both training data and algorithmic refinements.  RAI is deployed both on RD and in RC.  As data is continuously feed into RC, and is validated (trained), RAI refinements can then be downloaded into RD to improve accuracy and/or additional detection parameters.