What is Revelaren

Revelaren detect road obstructions using AI and purpose designed hardware.  

Revelaren's mission is to enable municipalities to dramatically extend the effective life of their road investments.  Residents are able to enjoy a smoother ride experience and businesses reduce the costly maintenance associated with destructive road impediments such as potholes and "high irons".

Revelaren looks at the road ahead while the vehicle is moving.  The embedded Revelaren AI technology constantly monitors for possible obstructions such as potholes.  Once Revelaren identifies the obstruction, it maps this information and sends it to the Revelaren Cloud.

Municipalities can use Revelaren's portal to manage these issues including heat maps, prioritizations and escalations, to manage their road infrastructure based on their needs.

RD is a vertically integrated low profile device that is attached to the vehicle dashboard.  The camera module scans the road for obstructions.  The integrated circuitry includes the Revelaren AI that identifies obstructions such as potholes.

Obstructions are stored on the Revelaren Cloud.   They are mapped with a variety of telemetry data including spatial and datetime coordinates.  This data is presented in an informed manner such as heat maps and time based views.

RAI is a proprietary model focused on road obstructions.  It is coupled to both RD and RC while leveraging custom hardware circuitry.  This purpose driven design powers Revelaren's unique capabilities.  

About Us

Revelaren is in quiet mode.  We will exit quiet mode in late 2024.

Our Vision :  Improve road infrastructure to benefit the community and the environment

Our Mission:  To extend the life of roads beyond what is possible today while maximizing  the return on taxpayer dollars